Why would you come to Postureworks in Whangarei? Well, there are many reasons. Perhaps you are aware that your posture is not great and feel it impacts on daily life in a negative way. Or you might have tension that a good massage helps but does not resolve. Maybe you have an old injury that never qute rehabed properly. You may have a problem that you have seen many different practitioners for but it never seems to go away. Also, you may just feel that you are getting older and if you do not get a few issues sorted in your body you can see that they will greatly rob you in coming years.Perhaps you are feeling out of kilter, struggling with stress or grief and you are not yourself. There are so many reasons like these why people come to see Claire Blankenbyl.

About Claire and the work she loves.


In 2001 I travelled from Whangarei to begin training in Relaxation massage at the New Zealand College of Massage in Auckland. One day while I was there I overheard a conversation between a tutor and a student about Clinical Neuromuscular Therapy. I knew instantly this was what I wanted to do.... and so the journey began.


I am qualified in massage, Clinical Neuromuscular TherapyManual Lymphatic Drainage, Fascial Fitness, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Myofascial Release, Structural Integration and I am an Infant massage teacher. I consider myself an eternal student.  With all these tools in my tool box I am sure to be able to find a way to work with your problem areas.


I continue to keep as up to date as possible with new information coming from the research world. Working with people and seeing them discover new movement and changes in their bodies is what I get up to go to work for each day.





Cert FF, FF


Cert MLD, Vodder Int

Claire Blankenbyl

Dip TH Mass, NZCM

Cert SI, SI Aust          

Cert Infant Mass, IAIM    

Dip Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy